Public Affairs Strategy & Communication

Strategic Planning. Connections. Communication. Data Analytics.

OUR Philosophy

Who we are

Solution Citizen is a C Corporation operating in the public interest to help donors, companies, causes, and campaigns advance pragmatic solutions that address climate change and other intractable “wedge” issues. We focus on solutions that typically have 70% or greater support by informed citizens on both sides of the political spectrum.

What we do

We help our partners advocate authentic solutions that help unite red and blue Americans.

We provide marketing and communication to advocate solutions, without exploiting fear, anger, and hate.

Among the policies we help our partner advance are:

Diverse Energy Choices

Renewables, O&G, CCUS, nuclear, hydrogen, bio, digital, “any of the above”

Permitting Reform

Federal and state reforms to streamline approvals and “Let America Build”

Advanced Recycling

Life cycle assessment, and innovation-based source reduction.

US energy & minerals policy

To “unlock America’s resources” for independence and exports

Carbon Capture, Use & Sequestration

And technology toward Net Zero oil and gas

Nature-Based Climate Solutions

To regrow forests, restore soil and wetlands, and capture/cut carbon.

Deposits and Extended Producer Responsibility

To put a price on pollution

How we provide value

Service Offerings

We provide strategic counsel, prepare plans, make introductions, develop media narratives, craft and test messages, disseminate them widely in conservative, environmental, mainstream, and stakeholder news and communication channels, build coalitions, and recruit supporters across our deep broad network of friends.

As part of a typical service package to advance pragmatic solutions, we do:


Let’s take a look at the overall big picture. 

Research solutions

We prepare a literature, media, and influencer review that provides an accurate understanding of the technologies, impacts, potential, promises, limitations, supporters, and opponents of the solution.

Analyze Online Chatter

To identify specific issues, influencers, and messages that reflect and shape opinions on the solution and related topics.

Make recommendations

Regarding the potential to adapt the narrative and messages, secure media support, attract donors and leaders, and/or scale the campaign on behalf of the solution.

Recruit Supporters

Building on a core group of NGO and donor leaders, to secure thousands of new citizen supporters who opt in and continue to actively engage in support of the solutions.


Let’s take a look at the overall big picture. 

Prepare narratives

That tell the story of the solution, in a way that helps foster understanding and inspire enthusiasm, with a balanced profile of the solution’s strengths, limitations, and ways to mitigate areas of concern.

Text messages

On social media, in digital ads and petitions, in blogs and/or other channels, to measure which more effectively reach the supporters we need, deliver them to the site, and motivate them to sign on.


To feature ideas and solutions, often as part of a larger story, and compare how diverse audiences receive it. Audiences may include donors, investors, experts, media influencers, environment and justice advocates, and everyday citizens (left 15%, middle 70%, right 15%).

Sites & landing pages

On partner sites, that tell the story, make the case, and invite citizens, organizations, lawmakers, and/or donors to join in support.

Data & Analysis

Let’s take a look at the overall big picture. 

Measure, assess & report

on the results of the test campaign. The assessment will include quantitative and qualitative findings on:

  • Social media influencers and issues;
  • Inventory of donors, leaders, media, and influencers, and their positions
  • Costs to recruit citizen supporters
  • Demographic profile of supporters sufficient to recruit “lookalikes”
  • Rates of supporter engagement and actions – open, respond, endorse, write letters, sign petitions, offer to volunteer, or donate to the cause.